My Music is Up!!!!!

2008-12-08 14:48:00 by MrNash

Yay! My first couple of songs have been approved by the Newsgrounds big wigs, and since then I've posted a couple more tracks. It was a bit difficult to figure out where, exactly, I should categorize the tracks under. They're more general electronic tunes that feel more like soundtracks, and I didn't feel they fell into more specific categories like techno, trance, ambient, etc., so I put them under Video Games.

I guess that should be fine seeing as how series like Ridge Racer, Phantasy Star, Shin Megami Tensei, and others have had just as much influence on me as Boards of Canada, Rei Harakami, Royksopp, or The Knife. If you guys n' gals want to listen to some fun, atmospheric electronic music that I wrote, just swing by my audio page over here:

There's four tracks there so far. =)


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2008-12-08 15:32:34

the only thing you say is MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC????????????????????????///